Learn how I made $37 billion dollars in 26 seconds simply by pushing a magic button over and over again!

Are you tired of reading headlines like the one above? I know we sure are. All the empty promises of big money in no time with very little work.

Ted Leger

Earns a great living by building porch swings and selling them online.

Jonathan Leger

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Dear Business-Seeker,

If you're like my brother Ted was, you have a dream of working for yourself making good money online, but you're not having much success. It's a great dream, and I encourage you to hold onto it. Don't give up. No matter what action you take after reading this page -- just don't give up. It will happen.

You've probably tried to make it online many times, only to run into failure. You may have even fallen for some of the promises like the exaggerated one on top of this page. That's okay, it's not your fault.

There are a lot of sharks out there who are really good at appealing to your dreams in order to take the shirt off your back. We've all fallen for lines like that, because we have big dreams and a real desire to live those dreams. That should be a good thing, but there are people who don't lose any sleep over taking advantage of our dreams.

That's why Ted decided he needed to make his own success. You see, he's not a computer person. He hates computers. He doesn't surf the web for fun, and he doesn't like checking his email. He does it because it's part of his business, but he doesn't like it.

That's why I'm writing this page for him -- he really hates this stuff. He'd rather be outside in his workshop building porch swings.

That's what he does for a living now. He builds and sells porch swings online. A lot of porch swings. In fact, in 2009 he sold $42,848.31 worth of porch swings -- IN MAY ALONE! And he built them himself in a little shop in his backyard.

Not bad, 'eh?

I know what you're thinking. "Here we go, more big numbers and big promises." I totally get that. After all of those sales letters from all of those rip-off artists promising everything and actually delivering very little, why should you believe me?

So let me show you some proof. Here's Ted's PayPal statement for May of 2009. Notice that he isn't afraid to have his email address or home address shown on the statement. That's because he's not a shark -- he's a REAL guy who runs a REAL business online.

Let me make something clear here. Ted didn't start off making that kind of money. It has taken a lot of hard work, mistakes, and time to get to where he is now -- where he employs four other people and had to actually STOP some of his advertising because he was getting too many orders to be able to fulfill them all.

Neither I nor Ted will tell you that there's a magic button you can press that generates cash. Earning an income honestly requires hard work, either online or offline. The difference is that you are working for YOU, so that all of the profits go to YOU and not some employer who keeps most of what you earn for the company just because he knows he can get away with it.

Ted's now so successful because he knows the right things to do. You see, he's learned a lot of great methods that make his business-building easier and faster. He's learned the pitfalls to avoid and how to correct the mistakes he was making. And he learned it all himself, without some "guru" telling him how to do it.

When Ted first approached me with the idea of writing down all that he'd learned, I have to admit I was rather skeptical. At that time I didn't realize how well he was doing selling his porch swings. I honestly didn't know that a "mom and pop shop" COULD earn the kind of money he was earning off of porch swings!

But he's my brother, right, so I couldn't say "no way Ted." Instead I said, "Okay, send it over and I'll take a look."

It took me weeks to actually get around to reading what he'd written. Weeks! Isn't that awful? One night when I couldn't sleep and had nothing else to do my conscience finally prodded me into reading what he sent me.

I immediately realized how HUGE of a fool I was for putting it off for so long.

Ted's a no nonsense, non-marketer regular guy. He's got a wife and three kids and would rather be outside than surfing the web.

That "regular guy"-ness really came through in the way he wrote down exactly what he did to get to where he is today. Even the table of contents is very simple. Take a look at the chapter list:

  1. Internet Entrepreneur without being a geek
  2. What to sell on the Internet
  3. eBay Marketplace Research
  4. Expanding past eBay to the Internet market
  5. Pricing your products on the Internet
  6. Getting fast traffic to your website
  7. Free (or cheap) traffic to your website
  8. The end of it all

Eight chapters and fourty-seven pages take you from start to finish in a conversational style that is easy to read and understand.

Again let me emphasize that Ted is NOT an Internet Marketer. He even used a free online tool to build the web site he uses to sell his porch swings -- because he didn't know how else to do it. He's not a Search Engine guru, either.

The only difference between Ted and someone not earning a great living online is that he figured out the three ingredients essential for success:

  1. How to find a great product that's in demand to sell.
  2. How to price your product in order to get it to sell very well.
  3. How to get traffic to your web site so you can start making sales.

It really is that simple. Ted's ebook explains it all to you in a way that makes sense. That's why I suggested Ted call his ebook "Geek-Free Profits": it's just so simple to understand and use to build your own REAL business selling REAL products online.

Just take a look at a few of the things you'll learn:

  1. Ted's exact step-by-step method for finding top-selling products to sell.
  2. How to sell "seasonal" products all year round.
  3. How he saves thousands of dollars a year in shipping costs.
  4. The pay-per-click sites he uses that cost a fraction of what AdWords costs while generating even more traffic and sales.
  5. How being a small business puts you at an advantage when setting your price.

And that's only a few of the many things contained in what he's written!

Now, I'd be lying to you if I said that Ted's book was 100% complete. As I said, he's not a Search Engine guy, so he never really learned how to get traffic from the search engines to take his business to the next level. That's right -- he was doing GREAT online with almost no traffic from the search engines. Crazy, 'eh?

That's where I came in. You see, Search Engine Optimization is what I do best. So I helped Ted take his already successful web site and drive traffic to it from Google and the other major search engines. This got him a lot more sales while costing him a lot less money to acquire each sale.

When I read Ted's ebook and saw how simple and easy it was to follow, I decided to also write down the methods I use to get sites ranked in Google. I worked hard to use the same easy-to-follow pattern he did, because it was just so appealing.

The result was "Geek-Free SEO". (In case you didn't know, SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".) My report is only 36 pages long, and teaches you the three things you need to know in order to rank sites in Google:

  1. What search engine optimization really is.
  2. How to determine what searches you want your site to rank for in Google.
  3. How to get a site to show up in the top results for your chosen search terms.

Once you know those three things you can take any site and get traffic to it from Google and the other major search engines.

Take Ted's ebook on how to successfully sell REAL products online and put it together with my ebook on how to get traffic from the search engines and you've got a no non-sense recipe for success that anyone can follow.

These reports are for real people who don't have money to burn. People who need to learn how to earn money online. That's why we're only asking $47 for BOTH reports, and that's why we've got a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you read the reports and decide they're not for you, just submit a ticket to my helpdesk linked to below and we'll refund your money -- period.

But I know that's not going to happen, because you're going to be just as motivated by "Geek-Free Profits" as I was, and I think you'll feel the same way about "Geek-Free SEO".

So what are you waiting for? When will you stop dreaming the dream and start LIVING it? FINALLY get yourself on the right track with your online business by getting your money-back guaranteed copies of "Geek-Free Profits" and "Geek-Free SEO" RIGHT NOW:


Your Purchase is Guaranteed

You have a full 30 days to try out Geek-Free Profits and Geek-Free SEO and see if they are all we've promised they are. If not, contact us by filing a ticket at our support desk below and we'll refund your money -- guaranteed! Get your copies now!

I get it...Finally! ...
Search engine optimization (SEO)was always a head-scratcher to me but thanks to your Geek-Free SEO e-book I now get it. An easy to follow, step-by-step plan is laid out for the aspiring internet entrepreneur. This plan will get your site(s) listed in no time.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson


Geek-Free Profits is Quite Simply The Best SEO EBook I have Read ...
You wouldn't believe what a difference Geek-Free Profits has made for me. Who would have thought a simple EBook could say so much?

I had looked everywhere for an EBook to explain SEO like Geek-Free Profits. Something that would say it in a simple and clear manner and does exactly what it said it would do, without all the fuss and hassle of standard complex SEO volumes.

Like others, I had already wasted hours of time and who knows how much money on studying SEO, getting others EBooks, so I have to commend you guys who put out Geek-Free Profits. Its clear and easy and very useful, so thanks again for making it relevant to what is required for how to understand and implement Search Engine Optimization. I love the tips on competition and how to find truly profitable keywords.

I can fully recommend it, not just because it's easy to follow and simple to use, but because its makes sense when evaluating SEO software tools, so for me its taking knowledge into action. It's a breath of fresh air in all the clutter of EBooks. Geek-Free Profits is an awesome read for anyone who wants to know about SEO.

Gregory Burrus

Gregory Burrus


Wealth of Concise & Profitable Information ...
This was my first reading of Geek-Free Profits, but I am certain it won't be my last. I heard of Jonathon Leger and am using one his product, 1 Way Links, but I really knew nothing about him. In reading my first newsletter, I quickly understood why all the talk about his offerings. They're motivated by knowledge, understanding, and a wealth of experience. There's no way he can write/talk on the level he does without the former. It's not just the knowledge either, it's the format in which it's executed - very organized and concise, which of course promotes understanding. I got some nuggets from that newsletter and am looking forward to the next!

Joseph Zabrosky

Joseph Zabrosky


Great "Real World" Story On How Ideas And Know Can Help Build A Business! ...
I thank Ted for sharing honestly his journey to becoming a self-employed businessman. Ted shares a lot of tips and tricks, that most "gurus" would be afraid to share. You can tell by the reading that he really had to learn "on the job" how to: 1.) Find a product that people will buy, and: 2.) Drive targeted traffic to his offers. Both online and offline business is about putting the right offer in front of the right people.



Charles Hill

Charles Hill


Website Developer to SEO Guru! ...
Hi Jon

Thanks so much for this really informative guide, I have been running a web design agency for several years and SEO has always been either a dirty word in our office or something we outsourced to a SEO 'specialist'.

Since acquiring your guide and utilising the resouces contained therein we rapidly saw that we were outperforming our SEO specialists results to the degree that I now dominate Google with a number 1,2 or 3 listing each day for a major 2 word key phrase within my industry.

It has taken about 8 months to achive this ranking, from not being listed anywhere in the top 1,000 results. This search term returns 150 million search results in Google and has a daily search count of around 9,000 searches a day. To say I am delighted is the understatement of the year!

In addition to the trophy keyphrase described above I am also promoting many other key phrases and have got multiple phrases listing in the top 5 and 10, and get enquiries through our website several times a day now as a result.

I have now started to share my knowledge of your techniques with my client base, and we are all experiencing similar amazing results to the degree that SEO is now all I do really!

I have also started to promote my company for SEO related phrases and within only 3 months now get about 50 site visitors a day for SEO related phrases! Who would have thought your techniques could be so powerful!

Please keep up the great work, and thank you again :-)

Best regards

Roger Davies Managing Director Advanta Productions Ltd.

Roger Davies

Roger Davies


The Only SEO Book You'll Need ...
Geek-Free SEO is the book I wish had been available when we first launched our main business site into an existing market in March 2007.

We had to read a ton of material on the web and from so-called gurus, separating the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the myths, and although we managed to get our site ranking for our main keywords relatively quickly, I know it would have been a lot quicker and easier if we'd had Geek-Free SEO available.

Jonathan Leger has earned himself a reputation for telling you the things that really matter, ungarnished by fluff, based on actual research and testing, so if Jonathan says something works, then you know it really does.

I highly recommend not only Geek-Free SEO, but also his three linking networks, and if you haven't yet subscribed to his blog, then do so immediately - the posts may be relatively infrequent, but they are pure gold.

Thank you, Jonathan, for demystifying the world of Internet marketing.

Mark Farrar

Mark Farrar


"Leger Brothers" ...
As usual when I get an email from Jonathan about a blog post, a case study or a new recommendation I know I will read interesting things, so after reading Jonathan's emails, I've purchased "GeekFreeProfit" & "GeekFreeSEO" and although I'm an SEO freak, I managed to find some good and NEW seo advices (thanks jonathan), as well a new approach of how to Sell physical products online and managing an ecommerce from Ted Leger. I warmly recommend "GeekFreeProfit" to anyone whose selling physical goods online or intend to. The information inside is priceless and when it comes from the "Leger Brothers" - you can count on it.

Cordially, Ziki de Naim

Ziki de Naim

Ziki de Naim


An Excellent Method For Finding Niche Diamonds! ...
Your brotherly collaboration has produced a simple down to earth e-book that tells the truth. You both compliment each other with combined knowledge that goes from physically building a product to getting it on the Web and making money without the fluff. I'm already promoting your manuals because they are easy to read and allows anyone regardless of their experience to take action immediately.

John Whelan

John Whelan


Finally! E-commerce Instruction for the Real World! ...
Ted Leger's Geek-Free Profits delivers an easy-to-understand, step-by-step e-book that shows you exactly how and with which tools Ted achieved his phenomenal success selling his own products online.

If you've ever wanted to venture out on your own by turning a beloved hobby into a lucrative business, Geek-Free is a must-have resource for your ecommerce library.

Robert Bartine

Robert Bartine


Your Purchase is Guaranteed

You have a full 30 days to try out Geek-Free Profits and Geek-Free SEO and see if they are all we've promised they are. If not, contact us by filing a ticket at our support desk below and we'll refund your money -- guaranteed! Get your copies now!

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